Our Coffees

Specialty coffee, a term which in many cases, unfortunately,  does not mean too much to people and coffeeshops either. Roasted coffee in Black Sheep is not simply specialty coffee, but it also means expertise, fanaticism. Therefore we take 100% responsibility for each bean of our roasted coffees.

Coffee types and ordering

The Coffeeshop

As the sunlight penetrates throw the windows of our coffeeshop, the grey weekday turns into a really enjoyable moment thanks to our coffees. Our skilled baristas create exciting coffees with the highest quality equipment. Besides, we await you with premium quality pastries, sandwiches, and teas in Debrecen. Stop off in the Cut&Coffee, and you will realise the real enjoyment of life.

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Barista training

If you want to get an insight into the highest levels of the profession right at our the Home Barista course, do not miss it. All of the courses use the most advanced tools. Motto: La Marzocco, Simonelli, Compak, Mazzer, specialty coffee. Come and see what we offer.

Courses and prices