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"I always wanted to give good and quality out of conviction and passion."

Quality-oriented coffee roasting and coffee concept. Our mission is to create value in quality-oriented catering, because in every better family there is a black sheep...

Thanks to my parents, I was exposed to the hospitality industry from a young age, so I got to know its beauties and pitfalls first hand. Hospitality has become a love of mine, so it was no question that I would continue my college studies in this direction, studying Hospitality and Hotel Management at BGF.

I feel lucky to have gained experience in several countries, both during and after college. I worked in a coffee shop in Vienna, did my internship in America and after graduating I went to England. Here I tried my hand in several areas, eventually got a well-paid position and loved my job, but I felt I would have been better off here. I was drawn to my home country, I missed my family, so I came home and continued my career in our country.

But my experiences abroad have had a huge impact on me, really shaping my ideas for the future. I had the time to observe people, different customs and things that were unfamiliar to me, but which worked very well outside. I came back with ideas and impulses that have been a great inspiration for my own plans.

Since my childhood, I have always had a strong sense that whatever I do in the hospitality industry, I have to give my guests the utmost attention and quality, and this has been reinforced by my experiences abroad.

It was with this conviction and passion that I opened my first restaurant in Debrecen in 2010. Although this place was dedicated to more than just coffee, we offered a wide range of coffee specialties, so quality coffee was already an expectation for me. In no way did I want to offer simple, mediocre shop quality.

At the time, coffee packaging did not give consumers much information about the origin and roasting process. I really wanted to change that, so I made the big decision to roast my own coffee.

"Coffee roasting has become an independent leg of the company"

- Coffee concept born

At the beginning I was only roasting for my own restaurant, but as time went on we started to get more and more requests. Coffee roasting became a growing leg of the business and a mission and a love for me.

Roasting our own coffee started a long learning and development process that has now evolved into a complete coffee concept: from training our partners, to professional coffee roasting, to putting the concept together. This was embodied in today's Black Sheep Café on Csapó Street in Debrecen, following our first café, Cut & Coffee, which was one of Hungary's first rural specialty cafés.

To be a really good professional in this field, you need to keep up your training, to know and be able to use the raw materials and new technologies. And, of course, you have a passion for coffee.

I have always tried to learn from recognised specialists. I have acquired my knowledge from coffee roasting masters abroad, including in Barcelona and Hungary. In 2019, I attended the top training course of Filip Akerblom, a world-renowned Swedish coffee roasting coach who has coached several world coffee roasting champions in the past.

In 2018 and 2019, I participated in the Cup Taster Hungarian Championship, where my main goal was to improve my skills, finishing 2nd in 2018 and 3rd in 2019.

New wave coffee roasting and tradition go hand in hand"

- The Black Sheep mission

With the brand we are bringing a youthful, fresh and exciting direction to the world of coffee.

First and foremost, we are looking for and showing our consumers new ways of doing things. The concept of Black Sheep is to create a transition between new wave fruity coffees and classic darker roasts.

Our mission is to create value in quality-oriented hospitality. We buy the finest, so-called specialty certified freshly harvested green coffees, the top 1% of the world's coffee crop, directly from the plantations. We offer this to our partners with proper training and a complete coffee concept. I personally guarantee the maximum quality control, as the owner and roaster of the Black Sheep coffee concept, I select the ingredients myself.

We believe that new wave coffee roasting and tradition can go hand in hand. Drawing on traditional Italian coffee culture, complemented by the finest ingredients and technical background, we have created a fusion of

that could be a step forward for the next generation of gastronomy.

"Our colleagues are all coffee lovers"

- Team behind Black Sheep

The basis of good coffee is roasted with skill, and technology plays a key role in this. That's why it was such a significant turning point in our lives when, in August 2017, two new GIESEN roasters were finally installed in Black Sheep's coffee laboratory. The same ones that were used as the competition machines for the World Coffee Roasting Championships. It was a great pride for us that the machines arrived in the country in a festive ceremony, straight to the World of Coffee 2017, already with the Black Sheep logo.

Since then, the Black Sheep coffee concept has been found in many locations across the country and the list is constantly growing. We are extremely proud that Black Sheep was and still is one of the 5 most popular Hungarian coffee roasting companies.

Of course, this is also thanks to a really enthusiastic and competent team

is behind Black Sheep. Our colleagues are all true coffee lovers who see their job not as a job, but as a true vocation. Every year

they have achieved high placings in various categories of Hungarian coffee championships. We believe that continuous education and competition is always a good opportunity for development. We can learn a lot from our own mistakes and from our competitors.

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