Our coffees

We roast the coffee beans freshly every week in order to improve  the quality of the drinks that we produce. We aspire to be the best in the preparation too, therefore, we use much more coffee for an espresso.
An average coffee is made of 6-7 gramms of coffee grounds, we use 10-11 gramms, therefore we get a much tastier upshot.

Dog-friendly place!

Bring your pet, because they can have a good time, just like you. What is more! A hairdresser’s parlour can be found on the floor, where you can get a haircut.

Specialty Teas and Sandwiches!

You don’t need to have a relish for coffee to have a good time. You get teas from Ceylon directly from the primary producer. We are demanding with our sandwiches in the same way. We use fresh ingredients for you every day. Visit us!